Whip Cream Moments

A private moment…that was not so private.  My friends Nathan and Mark drive me home from school and on Fridays we grocery shop and play soccer.  While the guys were waiting for me to put away my groceries and grab my soccer gear,  I opened up the fridge looking for a quick snack.  I saw the Redi Whip can and thought, “This will fuel my soccer needs.”  So I took 3 shots of Redi Whip right into my mouth…then I hear voices outside the window saying, “Lydia…what are you doing?  Are you eating Redi Whip out of the can?”  I just started laughing because I thought they were in the car, but no, they witnessed whip-cream shot moments.

Megan, this girl is one you ought to know.  Give her $10 and in 15min she turns it $260 at the casino (She creates 26x the wealth).  When our summer tuition is due, I’m giving Megan $2,000 in hopes she takes care of the rest of my expenses. ($2,000 x 26 = $52,000…Megan baby, I’ll pay for your Vegas weekend- go to Thunder Down Under as much as you want!)   Quote of the week from Megan, “I saw a professor drinking a beer last weekend, and I thought, I’ve been studying so much I don’t even remember what alcohol tastes like.”


Med School Exams are like the movie Inception.  You have to think through all the levels, and sometimes you’re still hanging upside down with no billionaire.

Professor G’s Moment:  Giving lecture from a chair, he only got up to go to the bathroom to attend to his allergies; however, he did not shut-off the microphone…so, on full speaker mode the class heard, “kkkkkacccckkk,  aaaaaahhhhhggggg,  ssshshshhsshsttttttt” along with boisterous nose blowing and hacking like a cat in the alley disposing of a hairball.

Professor G: “I had a friend who thought he was a ladies man.  We called him Johnny Testosterone.”

Toilet Talk.  Only in Anguilla do you walk into the bathroom and you’re greeted by the toilet saying, “GGGUIuuuuurrrgggggle….SPPPPllliiisssssh spppat   ggggurrrggggllle sp.” That’s when you turn around, walk away and say,  “I’ll take my business elsewhere.”  But hey, here’s an interesting fact for you to tell when the pub talk is getting boring.  “You are more likely to get bit by your toilet than a shark.”  That’s right…beware of the Great White Toilet!  This data came from a professor, so it must be true.  I don’t know about you, but now I feel vulnerable when my pants are down.  (This next statement is inappropriate toilet talk, so skip to the next paragraph.  “We’ve all heard it in a public restroom coming from the next stall…butt splash…and it lets us know more about complete strangers than we wanted to.”)

Professor N: “Don’t assume anything except a 3% mortgage in medicine.”

“The perfect date has Kluver Brucey Syndrome:  Hyper oral fixation, fearless and hyper sexual.  Unfortunately it’s been seen more in animals than humans.”

“In the South, you can say the meanest thing about a person as long as you say ‘Bless Their Heart’ afterwards .”

Last Couple things.  Finally found live music on the island with ample study space, and I run my neighbors 5 month old puppy every morning. Meet Shanti.

My roommate’s boyfriend is here for 2 weeks visiting.  Within 5 minutes they were in the bedroom…without thinking, I went straight to the cupboard looking for chocolate.   I’m such a f****** girl.





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