Anatomy = Entertainment

Everybody’s larynx looks like Jesus, so when people talk…it’s the Lord’s word.   “There are cows tied up at the Anguillan airport”- Jesus’ observation.  “Pass the butter”- the Lord’s 11th commandment. “I’ll buy the next round”- Thank you Jesus!


Our professor was demonstrating ACL and PCL tests in-class. My friend, Megan (who is in the middle of the photo giving thumb’s up), was the PCL victim.  The positioning of our professor relating to Megan on the floor was eye-catching, so I was pulling out my phone for a photo, and the screen froze…so I was swearing like a sailor in my head going “c’mon you piece of shit, work! “  Unfortunately I missed this precious Kodak moment.  But, don’t worry, we can do more stupid things.  Just believe.

Here’s our professor’s view of England. Our professor said the best contribution the British made to the world was the game Cricket; I disagreed with this statement so I questioned, “What about Shakespear?”  (That was my appropriate question, when I was really thinking Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Charles Shaunessey, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, JK Rowling, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Pilgrims who founded the USA)….really professor- cricket is your choice???????  Anybody can whack a ball- give any woman a baseball bat and she’ll show ya.  But who can write Across the Universe, Hey Jude, Harlem Shuffle, Undun, and the adventures of Harry Potter at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry???????

The goat below took a momentary break from snacking and  turned his head for the photo.


Professor’s shining moment of the week.  “Males have monthly periods too you know..yeah!…It takes sperm 30 days to get from the testis and mature thru the epididymis.”  And here females have been labeled the hormonal ones….newsflash…as developing embryos we are all female until Dihydroxytestosterone comes along and makes males….Once again- Males are the hormonal ones!!!! Okay, another professor shining moment.  “You know ejaculation burns 2,500 calories in 3 seconds…try running a mile in 3 seconds.”…….whoa, whoa….our professors numbers are a little off here, try more like 250 calories and 400 calories for vigorous intercourse.  This guy is 50 Shades of  “I’m covering my ears now…stop….la la la la la ….I can’t hear you!”

My Ethics group presentation was on impaired physicians.  We decided to create our own Google Image.

break room nap

Salsa for dinner.  With tests being as common as bathroom breaks, I just ignored the fact that I ate salsa for dinner by the spoonful from a jar.  You got to do what you got to do.







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