This One’s about Fun

The higher the tension and stress, the more shoe websites pop-up on women’s computers…I agree with this form of therapy- you go girls, stratified squamous keratinized epithelium has got nothing on red pumps!

IMG_3257This is the moon in the morning.

Yoga is pro-boobs.  (I cannot take credit for this- thanks Mom.)

IMG_3290Lively, smart and funny classmates.

My grandparents offered to Skype my medical class to demonstrate the physical effects of aging.  During this conversation, my grandma told me she is on Tinder!  I gasped and was like Holy Shit grandma!  That is a Casual Sex hook-up goldmine (she did not know this juicy little detail)…so, Grandma will be on a date with Jack What’s-His-Face while Grandpa is on a date with Jack Daniel’s.  At least Jack Daniels has a label…a black label.  So my current goal in life is to make a reality TV show about my Grandmother dating men from Tinder…oh, the joys of watching awkwardness.

Photographs of the lightning storm on Halloween.

IMG_3266 IMG_3271


One thought on “This One’s about Fun

  1. Lydia, I asked your Dad why I have to take the sexual harassment class as part of my employment because from where I work (at home) the only one I could sexually harass is Grandpa or did my reputation precede me. He insists I have to take the class.


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