Tuna Concoction Extraordinaire…and its Benefits

Every time he tries to say ‘sheet’, as in a sheet of fascia between muscles…it comes out ‘shit’…and everybody instantly pays attention because they’re wondering what ‘shit’ is doing in muscle- quite a pathology.

This is a narrative on how our professor consoled his friend who just went through a break-up with his girlfriend.  “I want to die.”  “Just go get another girl friend.”  “No, I don’t want to, I want to die.”  “Ok, let’s get in the car, and I’ll take you to the bridge.” (They actually drive to the bridge).  “You are actually going to watch me jump!” “Well yeah, just know it’s a one way ticket!”  Then they went home.

“You can see that cell from a plane!”…what is said in my mind, “Bull shit, I can’t even see it from my desk!”


Talking with classmates about our Embryology test, it was said that before medical school, the only time we hyperventilated was in sports, now it’s looking at grades.

To me, surviving Medical School seems to be all about efficiency.  What is efficient for me, apparently, provides comic relief for classmates.  Sitting with a group for lunch, one commented on my pasta. ‘Oooh pasta!…wait, what’s in there?” “cabbage, pickles”  “Oh my God, you need help…what else is in there?”-Chris “tuna, onions, peppers….basically whatever was in my cupboard or fridge I threw in a pot to last 8 days!”  “I’m not hungry anymore”-Chris  “I would rather eat a garbage can”- Nikki  “You’re making her laugh so hard she’s crying.”-Mark  “I’m laughing because she’s laughing.”-Mark  “You can come to our place for a dinner so you don’t have to worry about cooking.”-Mark.   There you have it, something positive came after eating Tuna Concoction Extraordinaire for 7.5 days.


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