Eventful Morning to Morning

Just like Goldie Locks I was peacefully eating my porridge and studying Anatomy.  With a spoon rising to my mouth, a giant pair of wings started beating against my leg.  This is at 4:30am, and I just scream because it is THEE BIGGEST BUG FLYING CREATURE!!! My porridge slops down the window, and I run away to nowhere because my sympathetic nervous system decided to freeze instead of fight or flight.  After settling down a little bit, I start making note cards at the table.  Now, my dinner table has a glass top.  Lone behold, I decide to take a drink of coffee and a MOUSE RUNS UNDER THE TABLE OVER MY FEET!!!!! I scream some words to be cleansed at 4:55am in the morning, fling my coffee contents across the room and develop goosebumps. Got goosebumps again just writing about it.


Anatomy Lab can be pretty lively even though you’re working with dead people.  Our professor was dissecting the vas deferens on the male cadaver; he asked everyone to feel it.  In a totally professional manner, our professor explained how the male students in the class could palpate this anatomical structure.  It was at this time…I had no filter…and I said, “There you go fellas, homework!”…My lab group started laughing, and our professor did not hear the joke, so he just looked at me perplexed “what did you say?”…while I put the surgical mask further up my face to dry tears.  (Google vas deferens if you are unsure where it is)

When I started to drive to school at age 16, I was the girl who chose to sleep instead of do makeup; I took this even further by getting out of the shower and going straight to school.  So I was kind of a redneck in the fact that I stuck my head outside of my Jeep window for a hair dryer.  And when Minnesota winter brought 5 degree January days, I went to class with icicle head. Here in the Caribbean, you stand outside in the 7:30am sun for 2 minutes and your hair has highlights, volume, dryness, and that model-fan look.


Upper class-men here at the medical school like to party.  They organized a party on the neighboring island.  We got on the boats at 10:30pm and danced under tiki shacks on the very small island.  Turns out, one of my classmates is a fabulous ballroom dancer from Canada, so we did Rumba, Salsa, Swing and Jive…Finally some Dancing (I hope it is just coincidental that lightning strikes occurred the first night I got to dance)!!!!!!!!

IMG_2895IMG_2896 IMG_2897


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