The Cow Analogy

Life provides so much irony.  Sitting on the veranda going over situations of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order usage, my neighbor had ‘Amazing Grace’ playing on his radio.  Sweet moment. Then life provided irony again.  My neighbor started blaring ‘Elvis’ tunes, which I was happy about at first; I love Pelvis Shakin’-Elvis.  But let me give you an analogy from my childhood about what happened next.  On my great-grandma’s farm I remember admiring this beautiful, big cow…then it started to shit…a lot…piles of shit.  Back to the present- Elvis is singing beautifully, and then my neighbor starts to play the saxophone- this correlates to the spewing cow shit……..……………….I wanted a DNR order.  Here’s a meal that also rings a cowbell. Nothing like butt-cheek sized dumplings with a side of fish tail, topped-off with warm banana!


Thieves however have great stories. We were talking about applications of cartilage, such as the Adam’s Apple in male’s.  Apparently, our professor’s friend was over-served at the bar and danced with a beautiful woman with an Adam’s Apple.  When they were getting all ‘kissy-kissy’ towards ‘go-home’ time, our professor and his friends mentioned that the lady had an Adam’s Apple.  The ignorant friend then apparently started a bar fight with the Beautiful Adam’s Apple Lady.  Wonderful cartilage story!  Application is key to learning medicine; and you can apply it anywhere- like grinding and smooching at Nightclubs!


Running in the 5:30 sunlight quickly brightens up the day; it got even better when I kept seeing this bird every day.  This is the first bird that did not fly away, I had to pass him on the narrow road 3 feet away. So cool.  Also, the goats are my horny spectators.

IMG_2747 IMG_2745 IMG_2744


One thought on “The Cow Analogy

  1. We have an Adam’s apple lady(?) as a cashier in our local grocery store. I didn’t notice it until my companion pointed it out. I’m going to have to be more observant when in my local watering hole I don’t need any surprises. . Sunrise and sunset in the Caribbean are a beautiful, to bad I can’t say the same for your local cuisine.


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