My Pants Came Down

For the first time, I experienced delirium.  Not alcohol induced, brain-sucked studying induced.  On one night this week, I found myself taking my pants off and not knowing why…It was at this point I decided I should get more sleep.

My beautiful Italian friend from high school, Sierra, got a short warning from her dad before she went to Italy, “Sierra, when a guy’s pants go down, his brains fall out.”  Apparently, I will not encounter this when I go to fight gladiators in Rome because my brains will already be on the Colosseum floor and then my pants will come off.  Speaking of gladiators…what kind of beast have I turned into? I usually like a neat living space.


This avocado was massacred for Roman entertainment by it’s equal in size mango.


To drink…or not to drink?…that is the question. The fly just had to spend it’s after-life on my study-aid, liquid drugs.


3 Surprises from Professors this week: 1.  We have a professor pizza thief, and we saw the crime!!!!! 2.  A professor asked us if we remembered parietal and visceral pleura…silence was observed….then BAM!  He whips out a bag from the back of his pants…’The Crowd goes Wild!’…and he says, “Alright that’s enough (after 0.7 seconds).”…based on this data, is he type A or type B?…and I’m not talking about blood type.  3.  Our professor was unhappy with his microphone, so he said something to a student pertaining to getting a microphone, “Do not steal it, just take it!!!” ……………….ah………….ah………… Professor Results are in, Thieves 2: Magicians 1


One thought on “My Pants Came Down

  1. That Baileys’ Ice Cream sounds like just the thing to cool off with after a stressful day. Not sure about taking my pants down, there are times when keeping them up is would be the wise thing to do.


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