I Take Cold Showers

Seriously, I take cold showers.  My hypothesis was that if I took cold showers, I would sweat less when I was done…hypothesis disproved.

A classmate of mine posted this comment before our Embryology exam, “When you sleep with your Embryology book under your pillow so that you can absorb its power.”  If this method of contact worked, I am going to hang my Anatomy book at eye-level on the wall and charge at it BULL-force!

On our first exam days this week, I decided to wear my dance shoes.  Each morning and evening since I’ve been here, I walk by them and whimper like a Humpback Whale because there is no ballroom dancing here.  However, they brought me happy vibes along with my classmates.  (Not the kind of happiness my friend experienced…he danced four times in his life…he has four kids).  “Lady Anikin, I Love your shoes!!”  “Finally, someone with style on Anguilla.”  (As my parents are reading this, they are remembering the pony-tail and soccer t-shirt fashion I displayed for many, many years).


Quick comparison.  I played Division One college soccer in Ohio, and the daily mental workouts we receive are just as exhausting as 3-a-day practices in college soccer.  Med School is like constantly experiencing pre-season, except it lasts for years.  By 1pm, it feels like the 8am class occurred 3 days ago.

Below is a table I made when thinking about this new life.

Table 1. Vital Signs of the Average Population and Medical Students

Vital Sign Average Population Medical Students Reason for Deviance
Blood Pressure (mmHg) 120/80 155/92 We are constantly bursting from hearing the phrase “Know all of this”
Heart Rate (bpm) 60-100 142 We’re constantly running from a bear- named ‘all work, no play’
Respiratory Rate (breaths/min) 16 22 We’re trying to get some more air because we’re running from the bear
PO2 (mmHg) 98% 87% Coffee takes most of our blood volume

**Not only is it a mountain of work, but once you get to the top of the mountain you have to wrestle Schwarzenegger.

If these plates of food had conscious minds and vocal chords, they might say, “Maybe I need a make over, I just feel bland.  I heard in France food comes in colors.”

image_1 image_2


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