A Spiritual Experience

At 6:30pm last night, I fell asleep on the veranda watching a lightning storm.  Beverly woke me up and took me to the strip.  My brain could not register anything.  Music drowned all the conversations, and I could not follow the locals’ island dialect.  Seeing me present in this world but knowing I was in another, the Conch Soup owner kept handing me Heinekens.  Before I knew it, I’d had 5.  Beverly took me home.

Now for the actual spiritual experience.

During the week, I put all my energy into learning, so the weekend is when I address myself.  Went for a walk at 6:30 this morning; it was cool and breezy.  Honestly, I felt melancholy.  Here I am learning and really enjoying the purposeful material, and I recognize the importance, but it takes a personal toll.  A dog approached me walking, then crawling as it got closer.  I kneeled down and pet its head.  Continuing to walk the dog followed me.  A few minutes down the road I talked to the dog, “Thank you for being with me”.  20 minutes later a large group of dogs came barking out of the woods, my dog jumped in front of me and started barking while I turned around and high-tailed it the other way.
A mile from home it started to downpour.  The dog jogged to obtain shelter under plants, but when he saw me keep walking, he came along just shaking his coat.  As the rain poured and soaked me thru, ‘Sweet Serendipity’ started playing on my phone.  I love the purpose of what I am doing here, and I miss the people I love.  Yet, it is nice to be filled with ‘Sweet Seredipitiy’ walking in the morning’s pouring rain with a new companion.
The dog followed me home.  I gave it oatmeal, and he is sleeping while I am studying.

2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Experience

  1. every time the puppy runs into the house he runs around wagging his tail. I think he’s looking for you. Also he outlasted me mountain biking the last 2 times we went. I wanted to go home but he was still ready for more.


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