Caffeinate Early & Caffeinate Often

So..there are days in life that start out with puppies…lovable, cute, little puppies, but let me tell you…these days can end up with dissecting dead bodies and biking home in the pouring rain…the only rain Anguilla has received in months…to me, this day is called Wednesday!


Before imparting some medical tidbits from this week, I will share with you a conversation we had during a break.  Us ‘sistas from otha mothas’ were talking about the stupid things we have done to impress boys.  One girl got her shirt stuck in her locker while she was talking to guy…and well, she was late for class.  Another girl tried to pick up a pencil with a little extra ‘booty’ if ‘you know what I’m saying’ and she threw out her back.  And well, my story involved trying to impress this good looking boy in Track and Field, but instead I ended up hitting my head on a barbell, falling over and needing First Aid- it’s a bitch to impress a guy.

Beverly, my landlord, a dear.  She brought me this meal.  Does anybody know what it is?  I digested it three days ago and still don’t know.  All three gourmet options are the same color.  If you want a colon reaction send a private message.


Now for the Medical tidbits. Our Clinical Application of Basic Sciences Teacher is a surgeon.  She says, “I hate breaks, breaks are for sissies! But hey, I’m a low-key person.” …right, raise your hand if you’ve met a low-key surgeon…anyone?…

Embryology ‘sorta’ highlights: Ideal reproductive ages for women are 20-35.  After age 35 risk of child birth defects jumps through the roof.  Oh, yay, I got less than 10 years to have kids…no pressure (especially since medical school will take 6); furthermore, my medical history involves an appendectomy, so I am at a higher risk of an ectopic pregnancy.  Double, yay (insert frowny-face here).  As for men, well, if you look at Clint Eastwood you have a solid 70 years, but actually for men, after the age of 40 the risk of birth defects in their children jumps-up.  Remember, these are averages…your rustic, tall, handsome Scandinavian neighbor is probably virile and just dandy at age 55.


To my surprise, I got an email from a friend this week saying I have a nice ass, and that I should keep it in shape!  Are desk-chair shaped asses not appealing or something? It is good to know that while I’m learning how humans develop, how the entire nervous system works, how to read x-rays, how tissues, cells and organs interact, and which medications are best for a particular patient…that somebody is worried about my ass!  Thank you for your input!



One thought on “Caffeinate Early & Caffeinate Often

  1. You are gutsy ingesting food (?) of unknown origin. As for your ass, I will comment on it after I get to check it out for myself if/when I get to Anguilla. By the way couldn’t a short, slightly overweight Italian at 82 be just as virile as a 55 year old Scandinavian??? Life is short make the most of it.


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