Not a Church Coffee Conversation

I never want to have sex again.  Currently we are learning all about the male anatomy.  Females release 1 egg during ovulation, and there are 400 million sperm racing to it.  Holy shit, it’s a sperm tsunami!  Run ladies run…otherwise; “your Eggo end up Prego”.  Below I demonstrate what sex protection looks like.  Put on every item of clothing you brought to the Caribbean plus a bike helmet.



Study tactic 101…profanity usage helps the memory. “Ah, hell if I remember Haversian systems in bone…oh, wait!…Now I do!”

Lastly…chickens take Sundays off.  Thank you Jesus!



One thought on “Not a Church Coffee Conversation

  1. You just made me happy that I’m a man. We have fun, leave a deposit, roll over and go to sleep. After that it is up to the women to clean up, carry and then deliver the final product 9 months ;later.


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