Chickens are My Alarm Clocks and Enemies

Even though my alarm clock is set for 5:30am, the chickens like me to awake at 5:15am.BAWK BAWK GAWK BBBBGAWBAWKK BAWK!!!!!!!!  Pictured here is the schedule.  I hope to remain a human being.


Lets dive into some medical knowledge…finally on the 6th post!  The body is a giant puzzle that is dynamic. In medical school, we are just learning how to put the puzzle together and find what pieces are missing/malfunctioning. Anatomy is the base of the pyramid in a medical career: Structure leads to Function.  A bird has wings to fly, and a shark has sharp teeth to kill. Absolutely every single part of our body is dynamic: we replace 60% of our bone a year, our hearts beat without our permission and everything we put our body thru has a result. Below is my study spot.


Our  professor has brought up some very good points.  American medicine sends all tissues out to a lab, but what do you do in the desert? In the middle of no where?  We are here to learn, so if we do not have labs, we can still perform our duty.  He said God is the surgeon here on earth, and he is nobody.  My professor will do his best with what he knows, but years as a physician have shown him, God knows best.  He said he does not believe in terminating life- don’t kill, give the baby away.  He works toward preserving life. “You cannot be a good doctor unless you are a good human being. Put the ego away, forever.”


Another professor who showed us a video on the world’s greatest memories…as in normal people who can memorize 4,000 numbers in a sequence in 1 hour.  Efficient learning involves engagement- igniting different parts of the brain, and remembering to remember.  Distraction is the memory’s worst enemy. Here I have a basic cell phone and no TV- I love it. Becoming a doctor is about learning the material in context…gone are the days of tests and grades…it’s all about application.

Last piece of medicine for today. There is black and white, but there is a lot of GREY…a lot of GREY. Especially when values, morals and ethics are added to the medical equation.


At the supermarket with Beverly, we met a former co-worker of hers.  This man got burns all over his body working in a mine, and  Beverly bought him special cream from England for his burns.  She says every time they meet he puts money in her hand because he never forgets the kindness she did for him.





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