My name is…Bebé

“C’mon over here Bebé.”  “Hey Bebé, how you doin’ today?”  “Be careful bikin’ now Bebé.”  “Yo Bebé where you from?”  “Mmmmm Bebé, I clean up real nice and cook dinner for you.”  “Bebé, I take yo’ sailin’ and show yo’ da sites!”  “Catch you later, Bebé.”  There you have it. My name is Bebé.  Well…this Bebé wants a drink!  Only $130.


Biking on the west end of the island, I came across Café de Paris. Two Frenchmen own it. Frenchmen #1 went to culinary school and studied under the most famous chef in France, and he made me the dessert Icy Mushroom- magnificent!  Frenchmen #2 is the baker, and he made baguettes (edible phallic symbols).

IMG_2281 IMG_2282IMG_2356

Why did the chicken cross the road? …to peck me on the other side!  She smelled my fear of her feathers and beaked me for it.  Does anyone know the CEO of KFC? I found him an unlimited supply of product.  Turn that struttin’ hen into this BBQ chicken meal.


After exploring the west end, I went to the east end. Shoal Bay is the most popular site with a beautiful beach…Africa is that way.



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