There’s No Place like an Island Home

Apartment hunting today went spectacular. The world’s nicest landlords are in Anguilla. Our landlord offered to drive us to school every morning since she works close by, take us to the market since she lives close by, and drop the price. I LOVE her! She is a Pay It Forward woman. So here is my Pay It Forward. If you have ever dreamed of a Caribbean vacation, plan with me and come to Anguilla because I have a big apartment and beautiful view.  Located in the middle of the island, it is an easy drive to attractions (See Lydia’s Apartment labeled on map).



Last night I did yoga on the veranda. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we look at the same moon.


Quick local stories for you.  First: Little children run around like the chickens and goats. A girl yesterday went up to a guy on a park bench and pulled his armpit hair…then she kicked him in the face with her flip-flop…it was so funny to see!  We’re talking a 33 year-old man got an ass whoopin’ from a 3 year old girl!  Second: Raymond is a lobster fisherman who lives on the party-beach. Each day he fishes for a few hours 12 miles off-shore, sets his traps, and the lobsters walk right in. What is good lobster bait?  I would’ve been guessing for 10 years and still not have gotten the answer.  Lobster bait = cow skin = Harley Davidson Chaps and Jackets.

Quick dose of reality. You pay high resort fees to clean the beaches. Pictured here is a beach not in a tourist area.  Caribbean islands receive the world’s trash. It smells as bad as it looks.


Now for the climax of this blog post. CHICKENS AND LIZARDS. On this morning’s beach walk, I passed a bush and it rang “Squak Gbbgawk GAWK”.  My water bottle, swim goggles and shells flew up in the air from the friggin’ chicken-I was so tempted to Kentucky Fry it. Then walking on the road, there would always be this constant rustling, then quiet, then rustling, then quiet, then LIZARD CROSSING-lizard sprinting actually. After which I let out a vocal chord ripping-scream and got chilly goosebumps even though I was sweating and getting sunburned. So here’s my latest dream..instead of the giant rats from The Princess Bride…it’s Giant Lizards!  Another movie, The Parent Trap, has the scene where the hot blonde, prissy fiancé ends up with a lizard in her mouth…if this happens to me I will need a lot more than an Evian and Listerine…probably counseling for PTSD (Post Traumatic Slithering-Serpent Disorder).



6 thoughts on “There’s No Place like an Island Home

  1. I’m paying for this, couldn’t you find a crappier apartment? I expect to live on fried lizard to save money when I come to visit.


  2. It is a beautiful apartment. I am envious. You are so poetic, Lydia, and I got a tear in my eye when you wrote about “the same moon”. We are enjoying the blog. Loving you lots and wishing you a wonderful experience at St. James Medical School. Grandpa and Grandma


  3. Sounds like an adventure!! I’m happy to hear you found such a great, safe apartment with an awesome landlady so quickly!! Can lizards slither under doors and sleep with you: )


  4. You make Anguilla sound like the garden of Eden with the monster from the black lagoon (lizard) thrown in for excitement. The apartment looks great with a nice view from the balcony, all for $500 a month? Sounds like a great place to retire.


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