First Exploration Day

Tropical storm Erika did not go over the island.  Locals are frustrated over it; Anguilla had rain last October…it has not rained for 10 months!  Anguillians just watched with grimaces as the rain poured on the sea.  All wind no rain.


Today I started off my hike along the shore line then ascending a cliff face. In this picture there are approximately 214 thorns up my ass. Like Tour Guide Barbie, just keep smiling, keep smiling, my ass is swelling, keep smiling, keep smiling, I hope I don’t get an allergic reaction, keep smiling, keep friggin’ smiling!  Here’s the real kicker, when I got back, the locals came up to me and said, “We watched you climb the cliff just in case we needed to go over there. You know there is a dirt road that goes there…”  I present to you the dirt road behind the thorns in the second picture.  Obviously I need to get the Dumb Ass Toxin out of my system before I am supposed to become Certified Smart…

IMG_2117 IMG_2119

Road kill in Minnesota = deer and squirrels. Road kill in Anguilla = goats and crabs.  Litter in Minnesota = alcohol bottles and wrappers.  Litter in Anguilla = alcohol bottles and shoe insoles…literally, 5 shoe insoles within 1 mile…what is the deal? Here are the animals that were not road kill, and there are cocks everywhere.

IMG_2086IMG_2133 IMG_2128 IMG_2126

Local flowers are friendly and inviting just like the people. I asked someone today if swimming was safe next to the shore, no sharks. He said, “Oh, yes, very safe for swimming all around Anguilla.  What’s more dangerous are the land sharks.”

IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2127 IMG_2125 IMG_2124

In honor of the Minnesotan snowball, here is the Anguillian sand ball. Sand balls break apart before they hit someone…worthless.


As you walk along the beach, there is the sweet candor of the ocean waves, and there is also the pulsing of Reggae music. All day the song “We’re Jammin’…..we’re jammin’…we’re jammin” has been in my head.



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